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String Orchestra

A Certain Slant of Light

This piece is inspired by a lot of minimalist music that I've been listening to lately. The music made me think of light coming through come through a window or through some trees. The title comes from an Emily Dickenson poem. Lots of spicatto work for the strings alongside some lush melodies.


Westward Bound

Irish reels dance with lush, cinematic melodies in this piece. The theme at Rehearsal A that recurs throughout the piece is one of the first things I ever wrote - roughly in the year 2000 as a high schooler. I sat on it for about twenty years trying to figure out where to use it ... When I developed the rest of this piece, I needed something to tie the sections together and that theme fit like a perfect puzzle piece.

Mr. Scott Goes to New Orleans

Have you ever written something that just sounded so familiar? The main groove on this piece sounded like something Raymond Scott would write (don't worry Scott estate - it's not the same). The cartoonish main theme is then interrupted by a lazy, New Orleans style jazz melody before Mr. Scott comes crashing back.

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Every Time I Leave You

This piece was inspired by my young daughter. It features grooving bass lines, lush pop harmonies, and catchy melodies.

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Cuerda Tango

In the style of "guardia vieja" tango music, this piece was inspired by the great orquestas típicas of Buenos Aires. It features some extended percussion techniques common in tango music.

Also available for String Quartet.

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